ERCO Health Screening 2020 July8

Welcome to the ERCO 2020 Health Screening Registration. 




YOUR HEALTH is your greatest asset! By completing the Health Screening and Health Risk Assessment offered by ERCO Worldwide and Ascension Wisconsin at Work, you can earn points towards your 2020 Wellness “Well Bucks” rewards program.

This registration is for the ERCO Worldwide Health Screening. You must fast 10-12 hours before your appointment. Avoid all foods, snacks, and beverages; water is acceptable please drink plenty! Consult your physician if you have questions about fasting and your medications. Avoid all alcohol and caffeine prior to the screening.  Again, the blood sample panel will include: Total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, blood glucose a metabolic profile and complete blood count. Your screening will include the following measurements: blood pressure, height, weight, hip, waist, and body fat analysis. Your lab results will be reflected in the HRA summary report and will be available for review on FitThumb.