City of Wausau City Hall June 27 2019

Welcome to City of Wausau Onsite Biometric Screening Registration 2019




This registration is for the 2019 City of Wausau employees to voluntarily participate in the onsite health screening.
Ascension will be onsite in June to complete Biometric Health Screenings. This screening includes:  height, weight,  waist measurement, and a blood pressure check and a fasting blood draw  (10-12 hours) for glucose and lipid panel (total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, & triglycerides). 

You must fast 10-12 hours before your appointment. Avoid all foods, snacks, and beverages; water is acceptable please drink plenty! Consult your physician if you have questions about fasting and your medications. Avoid all alcohol and caffeine prior to the screening.

Bring the completed paper Health risk assessment to screening appointment.  Your HR department will have copies of the paper HRA for you to fill out and bring to the health screening. Approximately 3-4 weeks following your screening your results will be mailed to your home address.