Health Education

Saturday Express Birth - Moross

Parents, join us for our Childbirth class, to prepare physically and emotionally for pregnancy, birth and your new role as parents.




Classes help make your birth experience the best possible, with comfort and relaxation techniques, birth and intervention information, bonding and breastfeeding. The childbirth class gives the opportunity to interact with other couples, and reinforce the information. You will receive complete information about your hospital stay, and all that St John's has to offer. A tour of the birthing unit is included.

Registration fee includes mom and partner.


Couples are to bring to class a watch with a second hand or a device for timing contractions. Pillows and mats are NOT needed. Dress comfortably.

NO LUNCH OFFERED. Couples can bring food and beverages to class

C-section information is offered 1 P.M. on Saturdays. The C-Section is $30 includes 1 guest.

Location and parking: Park in the back of the hospital near the Main Entrance. Enter through the main entrance and keep going straight until you approach another hallway and make a right. Go straight and you will see a receptionist make a left turn. Pass the double doors take the stairs down to the basement. The conference room D and E is across from the auditorium.

Our online class registration is currently incompatible with the Safari browser. Please use an alternate browser or call us directly for registration.

To enroll: click on 'Add to Cart' next to the section(s) you would like, then click 'View Cart' in the upper left corner, then click 'Enroll' to the left of 'Course name'. When you have finished, click on 'Checkout' and enter your credit card information (if there is a charge). 

To speak to a representative, call 866-501-DOCS (3627) and press 3. Our representatives are available Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.