Good Samaritan Health Center Foundation of Merrill, Wisconsin

About the Foundation

The Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation is the primary, trusted advocate extending the healing ministry of Jesus into the community.

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Our community was built around the strength of the rivers, a force our forefathers knew would be constant, yet change with the times.

Since 1926, Holy Cross Hill, now Ascension Good Samaritan Hospital, has been the center of community health care for Merrill and surrounding areas. Founded on the banks of the Wisconsin River, Ascension Good Samaritan Hospital has proudly held onto its heritage and with the community’s generosity, donations have supported health initiatives and various projects.

Ascension Good Samaritan Hospital became a valued member of the Ministry Health Care system in 2005, allowing its heritage to be preserved and enhanced in the delivery of health care to area residents. With this affiliation, the Foundation Board focused its mission to provide financial support for local programs and services that address identified health needs, especially for the poor and vulnerable.

Ascension Good Samaritan remains a community hospital, operated with a local board that governs the hospital’s activities with the community’s best interests in mind. Your generosity will be our river of commitment–strengthening our community.

What We Do

The Mission of the Good Samaritan Hosptial Foundation is to promote and support the mission of Ascension Good Samaritan Hospital of furthering the healing ministry of Jesus by continually improving the health and well-being of all people, especially the poor, in the communities we serve.