Foundation of Saint Joseph's Hospital

About Us

Since 1988, the Foundation of Saint Joseph’s Hospital has served the health and well-being of our communities, particularly underserved populations.

Make a Donation

Many times when we receive a gift from a family who has lost a family member, they tell us that they were so grateful for the "angels who took care of their loved one."

We are truly blessed to have so many helping us in our mission to help improve the lives of our patients and their families.

Ways to Give

Memorial or Honorarium Gifts

Commemorative gifts silently speak volumes on your behalf. Notification of your gift will be sent to the person being honored, or the family of a loved one being remembered (no amount is mentioned).

To make a memorial or honorary gift, please contact the Foundation or click the Donate Now button above. 

Types of Gifts

"It is the responsibility of every human being to aspire to do something worthwhile, to make this world a better place than the one he found." - Albert Einstein

Unrestricted Gifts

Gifts to the area of greatest need or unrestricted gifts allow the Board of Directors to use funds to address any emerging needs of patients and/or their families.

Restricted Gifts

You may also restrict the gift given through your estate, and it will only be used for the area(s) it was restricted to.


A bequest (a gift through will or trust), is a lasting tribute to your values and life. Anyone can leave a lasting legacy. No matter the amount, your gift through your estate will make a tremendous impact on improving care and advancing technology for patients. We have listed below some information for you to consider before meeting with your attorney.

General bequest - gives set dollar amount. "I give to the Foundation of Saint Joseph's Hospital of Marshfield, Inc. the sum of $ ____ for it's unrestricted use or purpose."

Special bequest - gives a specific item. "I give (specify item of real estate / stock / personal property) to the Foundation of Saint Joseph's Hospital of Marshfield, Inc. for it's unrestricted use or purpose."

Residuary bequest - gives "rest of estate" or a set percentage of estate. "I give the residual (or ____ %) of my estate to the Foundation of Saint Joseph's Hospital of Marshfield for it's unrestricted use or purpose." This type of bequest is most common as the value of your estate changes over time. This insures that all individuals/charities in your estate are given the percentage you desire, regardless of your estate size.
The legal name for the hospital's foundation is the Foundation of Saint Joseph's Hospital of Marshfield. This name should be listed in your will/trust.

Endowed Bequest – gives annually. This bequest allows you to restrict the principal of your gift, while the investment income is utilized for either an unrestricted or restricted purpose. Creating an endowment in this manner means your gift can continue giving each year.

Please contact the Foundation if you have questions regarding what may be the best option for your gift.