Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare Foundation For St. Francis and Franklin, Inc.

How We Serve

Your gift ensures that, together, we are making our communities stronger, healthier, better.

The Foundation for St. Francis and Franklin is committed to bettering the lives of those in our community and of those who come to our facilities for care. Your generosity not only helps us improve the quality of care delivered to our patients but also eliminates traditional barriers to affordable and accessible health care for some of the most vulnerable members of our communities.

Whether we are providing bus tickets so low-income patients can make it to their appointments, easing the financial burden of a cancer patient by paying their rent or bills for a month, or giving away a car seat to a newborn’s family to ensure that our infants get home safely, we are dedicated to the health and dignity of all of our patients, regardless of their ability to pay. Foundation Funds & Programs

Stories on How We Serve

Watch videos in this playlist to learn how your gifts to the Foundation for St. Francis and Franklin impact the communities we serve.


Foundation Funds & Programs

The Foundation's commitment to serving our patients encompasses a number of different and specific service lines – from neurology care to orthopedic services, you can be assured that 100 percent of your gift is making a direct and meaningful impact to a cause that is important to you.

Angel of Hope Clinic
The Angel of Hope Clinic, a collaborative effort serving Milwaukee's south side, provides primary health care services for low-income individuals through the support of community clinics. A special emphasis is placed on making health care more accessible for Milwaukee’s Latino community.

Watch this video to hear how the Angel of Hope Clinic impacted patient Thomas Rivas' health.


Cancer Care Fund
The Cancer Care Fund provides equipment and resources to cancer patients to help ease the burden of cancer diagnosis and treatment. It underwrites the cost of screenings and procedures for uninsured, under-insured and undocumented patients who are unable to access other forms of government or community assistance. It also support Su Salud, an innovative breast health community education program.

Community Outreach Fund
The Community Outreach Fund provides the building blocks to make our patients and neighbors healthier now and into the future. It helps make a difference in the lives of others through health education and community-strengthening projects.

Dr. Neni Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Dr. Neni Memorial Scholarship Fund underwrites scholarships for St. Francis associates pursuing education in the nursing field. It honors the legacy of the late Dr. Krishna Neni, Chief of Staff at St. Francis hospital, who encouraged and mentored his nursing staff to advance their careers.

Emergency Department
The Emergency Department Fund underwrites the remodeling project of the Emergency Department at St. Francis, which enhances safety, efficiency and rapid delivery in a dynamic environment.

Franklin Hospital Fund
The Franklin Hospital Fund delivers hope to patients through the support of daily clinical initiatives focused on improving health outcomes at Franklin.

Greg Rose Memorial Cardiac Care Fund
The Greg Rose Memorial Cardiac Care Fund underwrites the purchase of advanced technology and the development of heart disease prevention and education programs that enhance the lives of at-risk patients.

Hope Fund
The Hope Fund supports direct financial assistance to patients who are forced to take work leave in order to meet the demands of their treatment schedules. Oncology case workers identify patients in need of medication assistance or short-term financial relief with ongoing expenses such as rent, utility bills or insurance payments.

Infant & Child Care Fund
The Infant and Child Care Fund provides a continuum of health services for infants, children and young adults. It gives at-risk newborns a safe start in life by providing safe sleep systems and other equipment to low-income families. It also underwrites health education projects for area children to help ensure that every child is living and learning in a safe and supportive environment.

Medical Education Fund
The Medical Education Fund supports associates in pursuit of health education and professional development goals. Scholarships have a positive impact on the lives of patients as associates grow their knowledge and experience.

Mental & Behavioral Health Fund
The Mental and Behavioral Health Fund provides community education to teens and young adults on the signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety, substance abuse and other issues of mental and behavioral health facing this age group. It supports the Mental and Behavioral Health Unit at St. Francis with equipment, staff education and complementary therapies for patients.

Mother Angela Safety Net Fund
The Mother Angela Safety Net Fund helps support patients in crisis by providing food, prescription, medical supply, and transportation assistance to those in need. It eliminates barriers to life-saving medical care for those who are otherwise unable to access health care.

Neurology Care Fund
The Neurology Care Fund underwrites education programs for patients suffering from a wide range of neurological disorders, with special emphasis on patients with multiple sclerosis. It also provides complementary and alternative therapeutic programs, including yoga and art therapy as well as supports direct financial assistance to patients who are unable to meet the financial burdens associated with treatment for neurological disorders.

Nutrition & Diabetes Fund
The Nutrition and Diabetes Fund underwrites programs to provide clinical experts and educators to facilitate group discussions and demonstrations on the importance of healthy eating and active lifestyles. Through collaborative partnerships, the program seeks to prevent diabetes within our youth and ensure sustainable health options through adulthood.

Orthopedic Education Fund
The Orthopedic Education Fund supports associates pursuing further education and experience in the area of orthopedics, primarly at Franklin hospital.

Orthopedic Patient Assistance Fund
The Orthopedic Patient Assistance Fund supports direct financial assistance to those who are unable to meet the financial burden associated with orthopedic surgery, including equipment and post-surgical therapy. It also provides short-term financial relief for orthopedic patients who are forced to take work leave in order to meet the demands of their treatment schedules and recovery period.

Special Care Nursery
The Special Care Nursery supports our most vulnerable patients – premature, special needs and drug-withdrawal infants. The fund provides enhancements to the Special Care Nursery at St. Francis hospital to ensure that all our babies and their families receive the best care, comfort and technology available.

St. Francis Hospital Fund
The St. Francis Hospital Fund delivers hope to patients through the support of daily clinical initiatives focused on improved health outcomes at St. Francis hospital.

For more information about these and other initiatives, please contact Philanthropy Manager Racheal Faulks at 414-447-3198.