Wheaton Franciscan - Elmbrook Memorial Foundation, Inc.

How We Serve

Become part of making our community stronger, healthier, better.

At the Elmbrook Memorial Foundation, we are very proud of our support for the exceptional care offered at Ascension SE Wisconsin Hospital - Elmbrook Campus.

Gifts from our donors have funded many advances in care such as:

Helping save the lives of cancer patients by providing the latest technology in radiation oncology. Offering women a wide variety of state-of-the-art breast health testing including mammography, ultrasound, and biopsy at the Pavlic Center.

Enabling our highly educated medical staff to continually be equipped with the most current knowledge and skills through continuing education funded by the foundation. Providing charitable care to our neighbors who come from low-income, uninsured, or underinsured households.

Our Funding Priorities

Cancer Care

Contributions will ensure that leading-edge cancer care is always available in our community through the Ascension Elmbrook Hospital.

Donations support the purchase of new equipment and technology, as well as the development of new cancer care programs and important clinical research. Gifts to this area support equipment and programs that help cancer patients receive the highest quality of life possible during treatments. For example, generous donors helped Elmbrook Memorial build and open the cancer center and current donors are help us fund improved technology such as a treatment system which allows our doctors to target tumors with extraordinary precision – sparing the healthy surrounding tissue – and to do so at higher doses, meaning fewer treatments and faster recovery.

Your gifts also help support clinical studies currently underway, several support groups available for patients and their families, and dedicated oncology social workers who help newly diagnosed patients navigate the steps from diagnosis to treatment and follow-up care.

Hope Fund

You can also make a gift to the Hope Fund, which offers cancer patients assistance with meeting their family’s financial needs so that they don’t have to delay life saving treatment. For example, patients who apply for employee disability benefits might have to wait a month or more to receive their first payment. The patient must then make the difficult decision whether to keep working and put off treatment just to pay their rent or mortgage, or put their family at financial risk and seek treatment right away.

The Hope Fund makes it possible for patients to get the timely care they need by providing assistance with living expenses or expenses related to their care, such as transportation. A social worker thoroughly assesses the patient’s financial need through established criteria. Once approved, funding is granted to meet the designated daily needs. Your investment in the Hope Fund helps patients in need avoid postponing their care due to various financial reasons.

Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP)

Hospitalization can be a pivotal point in the life of an older person, with loss of independence and institutionalization being frequent and unfortunate outcomes. The hospitalized elderly are a particularly vulnerable group because of their complex chronic conditions and special physiological needs.

Ascension Elmbrook Hospital's fifth floor medical unit averages over 240 patients per month, of which more than 40 percent are over the age of 70. In order to address this concern and in keeping with its mission of providing exceptional and compassionate health care service that promotes the dignity and well being of the people we serve, Elmbrook Hospital has launched the Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP), which was developed by geriatric researchers at Yale University to address prevention of functional and cognitive decline in elderly hospitalized patients.

At-risk patients are identified and enrolled, with their consent, into HELP. Specially trained volunteers carry out therapeutic interventions which help patients maintain physical and cognitive functioning throughout their hospitalization.

Your contribution to the HELP Fund enables us to train volunteers to work with the at-risk elderly population and monitor patients’ progress during their hospitalization.

Honor a Guardian Angel

Have you ever wanted to thank the people who helped in your healing? The Elmbrook Memorial Foundation offers you a way to say “Thanks!” while also supporting the compassionate care you expect from us.

The Honor a Guardian Angel program provides grateful patients and their families the opportunity to make a donation to honor exceptional care at Elmbrook Hospital. The physician, nurse, chaplain, housekeeper, or other caregiver you designate will be recognized for service excellence. In turn, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you helped Elmbrook Hospital improve and expand its services.