Wheaton Franciscan - Elmbrook Memorial Foundation, Inc.

HELP Program

Hospital Elder Life Program

The Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) is a service provided by select Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare hospitals to improve the hospital experience of older patients.

Hospitalization upsets the normal routines of mental and physical activity at the time a person is coping with illness. This disruption can cause older hospitalized people to lose general mental and physical abilities. HELP strives to keep the older patient’s mind and body as active to help speed a full recovery.

Our HELP Team

The HELP team includes medical professionals who specialize in the care of older adults such as a Geriatrician (physician); Geriatric Clinical Nurse Specialist, or Nurse Clinician, and a special group of carefully trained volunteers. This team works with caregivers in all departments to meet the patient’s needs.


HELP Services

The following services are provided - free of charge - as part of the patient’s individualized care plan. These services complement hospital care being provided by physicians, nursing staff and other therapists.

Daily Visitor Program - Daily visits to keep participating patients alert and oriented by providing daily schedules and answering questions. Feeding Assistance Program – Provides companionship and assistance at meals if necessary. Early Mobilization Program - Provides daily assistance with walking and exercise.

Therapeutic Activities Program - Provides stimulating and enjoyable activities to encourage active minds. Activities may include reading, music therapy, reminiscing and massage. Volunteers also assist with stress-reducing relaxation exercises.