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Endowments and Memorials

Create Legacies Through Endowments & Memorials

The act of giving to a charitable organization leaves us with a feeling of goodness and satisfies a deep need to help others. Studies have shown that generosity is good for your health and happiness. Many gifts can provide recognition for you, someone dear to you or someone you hold in high esteem; they also serve as endorsements of our good work. Read on to learn more about two giving opportunities.

Endowment Fund - Gifts That Keep on Giving

Creating an endowment fund is a wonderful way to honor a charitable organization such as Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare – All Saints Foundation, provide financial support to a worthy project or recipient, receive tax benefits, and continue a project in your name or that of a loved one long into the future.

How an Endowment Fund Works

Charitable organizations need funding for many different projects. A donor can create an individualized named endowment fund to support a particular project, sustain an ongoing program, encourage study into new areas or provide an award to a worthy recipient.

Once the endowment gift is established, we will set up the fund and pay a fixed percentage of its annual value to the designated recipient or project each year, reinvesting additional earnings and building the fund over time. Because use of the fund is restricted to a small portion each year, the fund can last forever.

Endowment funds are often named after the donor, but they can be named in honor or memory of any individual. If you decide to set up an endowment fund with the All Saints Foundation, we will work with you to create a fund that will serve your needs and ours. Together we will determine the purposes of the fund, develop a personalized fund description, describe the ideal recipient or project to benefit, and name the committee that will select the recipients. We will also devise a backup plan to be used in the event that the fund’s original purpose becomes impractical or obsolete. Most important, you will be creating a gift that forever exemplifies your generous spirit and support for our mission.

Endowing Your Annual Gift

Many donors choose to give a set amount of money to an organization on an annual basis. Such annual giving is the lifeblood of many charitable organizations like ours and allows us to carry on our mission. Yet, when a person dies, so does he or her annual gift, and the source of this long-established flow of funding stops. Unless we can replace the annual gift, we will lose valuable income and our programs may suffer.

One possible solution is for donors to endow their annual gifts. To do this, you would put a bequest in your will and specify that the money is to be added to our endowment. When your gift is invested as part of the endowment, it generates a total return (income plus growth) along with the rest of the endowment. As a portion of that return is paid out each year in your name, your gift will be providing income to support our mission each and every year.

Memorial Gift - Honor a Loved One by Supporting a Favorite Cause

Making a memorial gift to the All Saints Foundation is a wonderful way to honor and remember an individual who was admired, loved and respected. Your gift is a lasting tribute to the important part that he or she played in your life and/or in the All Saints Foundation. It can establish a permanent link with the past and encourages others to participate in a vision for the future. Your memorial gift can be made to establish an endowment or to support another project of special interest.

How a Memorial Gift Works

There are many ways we can recognize your memorial gift. Your honoree might be named in a report or program, or the name might be inscribed on a plaque. Grants or prizes to deserving individuals could be awarded in memory of your loved one. For a larger gift, your honoree’s name might be placed on a room, an auditorium, or even a building. The form of recognition will depend on the nature of your gift and the personal wishes and circumstances.

How to Get Started

If you are considering a memorial gift, please let us know. We would be happy to work with you to plan a gift that will serve as a lasting memorial to you or your loved one and as support for an important program of our organization.

We Can Help

There are many ways you can give your support to remember a loved one or to create an endowment fund. We would be happy to meet with you to explore the options that can be most beneficial to you and to discuss how your gift can preserve our future.

To make an appointment, please call the All Saints Foundation at 262-687-8654. There is never an obligation.

For legal advice, please consult an attorney. References to estate and income taxes include federal taxes only. Individual state taxes may further impact results. Figures cited are examples based on current rates and are subject to change.