Weight Loss with Gastric Sleeve

By Sacred Heart Surgical Weight Loss Center July 24, 2018

The bariatric gastric sleeve procedure reduces the size of your stomach and helps suppress cravings and calorie intake, resulting in weight loss.

Are you a rollercoaster dieter, losing a little, gaining it back? The surgical weight loss procedure called gastric sleeve is a proven treatment for adults facing obesity-related medical conditions. At the Sacred Heart Surgical Weight Loss Center in Pensacola, men and women have attained healthier bodies and life experiences after gastric sleeve surgery.

Surgical Weight Loss Center Fashion Show: Oct. 11

The 2018 Fashion Show is October 11 at 6 p.m.

Patients-turned-models will show off their transformations in health and quality of life as their “before” photos are displayed on a screen behind them. This event is hosted by Dr. Jeffery Lord, Medical Director of the Sacred Heart Surgical Weight Loss Center. He welcomes each patient-model with highlights of their weight-loss journey. The event is open to the public at no cost and is held at Sacred Heart Hospital, Greenhut Auditorium, 5151 N. Ninth Avenue, Pensacola, Florida.

See highlights from our 2017 Fashion Show. Some of the patient-model stories are highlighted in this blog article.

Jeffrey Lord, MD, Medical Director, Sacred Heart Surgical Weight Loss Center, nationally recognized for his expertise in minimally invasive bariatric surgery.

Dr. Lord says, “We focus on improving your quality of life with a program that considers your individual physical, mental, and emotional needs throughout your weight loss journey. Our goal is to help create a “new you,” inside and out using a personalized treatment plan.” To learn more about how gastric sleeve surgery or other weight loss procedures may benefit your health, call 850-416-7546.

Patient Stories: Gastric Sleeve Procedure Helps Improve Chronic Health Conditions

 Brandi Ramsey before and after.

At age 29, Brandi Ramsey decided it was time to make a lifelong commitment to getting healthy. After several failed attempts at dieting and exercise, Brandi told herself, “It’s time to make a change,” and began researching weight-loss surgery options. Brandi’s weightless journey lead her to Dr. Jeffery Lord, bariatric surgeon and Dr. David Martin, an internal medicine doctor specializing in weight management and nutrition at the Ascension Sacred Heart Surgical Weight Loss Center. With the support of her family and the guidance from the Sacred Heart team, Brandi had gastric sleeve surgery in August 2016.

Gastric sleeve is one of several types of weight loss surgery procedure. Bariatric surgery has been shown to result in significant and sustainable weight loss and improve other medical conditions that existed before the surgery. Even patients with adult-onset type II diabetes or hypertension, may see a significant improvement of symptoms and their health condition. For some, these medical concerns are resolved after the patient attains a healthier weight and makes lifestyle changes. Other bariatric-related health benefits include positive changes in: 

  • Hearth health
  • Self-esteem
  • Arthritis-related joint pain
  • Muscular weakness
  • Sleep apnea

Gastric sleeve reduces the stomach to about 15 percent of its original size. This surgery causes patients to feel full sooner, helps suppress hunger and overeating. As a result, you reduce your daily caloric intake and food cravings. These patients generally experience rapid weight loss. But just having the surgery does not do all the hard work. The Sacred Heart Weight Loss staff focuses on giving patients the tools to make better nutritional choices and integrate exercise and healthier lifestyle habits

In just one year after having her gastric sleeve weight loss surgery, Brandi Ramsey was able to lose 115 pounds, and her clothing size dropped from size 22 to 6, adding, “This surgery has been one of the biggest tools to help me reach my weight loss goals.” She is now able to walk stairs, go on daily jogs, and eat for the right reasons. Brandi is married, and with her children she is constantly on the go and enjoying life. Her weight loss experience has completely changed her life stating, “This journey has been a blessing, and I cannot wait to see what else God has planned for me.” Brandi encourages anyone who is considering weight loss surgery to speak with the excellent staff at the Sacred Heart Surgical Weight Loss Center, and “start living the life that has been given to you, happily.”

  Ryan Gibson before and after.

In April 2015, Ryan decided to undergo the gastric sleeve procedure at the Sacred Heart Surgical Weight Loss Center. He had weight-related back pain and high blood pressure. Two years after the bariatric surgery, she had lost 172 pounds, and instead of wearing a size 24, is a size 4. Ryan has said that this surgery changed her life, citing the little things in life like buckling a seatbelt on an airplane or a ride at an amusement park, sitting in a booth at a restaurant with no problem, and sitting on the ground with her legs crossed.  Breathing is also easier. These are all milestones in her weight loss journey. It's now a pleasure to buy clothes from a variety of retail stores instead of specialty stores for XXL and larger sizes.  At her job, she is performing more active duties instead of only having a sedentary desk job.  She walks for enjoyment and even climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower during a recent European vacation. Most important of all, Ryan has found confidence in herself that she never had before. She's dating and living life to the fullest. Along with this journey, Ryan now supports others who are looking for ways to live a healthier lifestyle

 Patrick Moles before and after.

Patrick is a maintenance worker who for years was only able to perform tasks for a few minutes before getting winded. In June 2016, Patrick underwent a gastric sleeve procedure at Sacred Heart Weight Loss Center. In a little under a year, Patrick had lost 125 pounds and was down from a size 48” to 34” pants and a 4XL shirt to a medium. Patrick has said that his entire outlook on life has been altered, becoming more outgoing and walking taller and prouder. In addition to his weight loss surgery, Patrick participated in an online weight loss support group. It was in this group that Patrick was able to meet his future wife. With fewer limitations, Patrick and his fiancé now enjoy a happy and healthy life together

 Leslie Hernandez before and after.

Leslie Hernandez is a healthcare worker who spends most of her day on her feet. In December 2016, Leslie underwent a gastric sleeve weight loss surgery. In the following six months, Leslie lost 70 pounds and was down from a size 22 to size 12. She also improved her heart health and is off of her cholesterol medication. Leslie also had early-stage liver damage, and her liver enzyme levels are in the normal range. Working in a healthcare environment is now more comfortable because she can walk faster without getting out of breath.  Leslie enjoys the little things in life such as sitting in a booth at a restaurant, hiking and riding her bike. With new experiences in front of her, Leslie has newfound confidence and swaps out old clothes that don’t fit for new ones that do.

 Kathy Lawhon before and after.

Kathy underwent a gastric sleeve procedure in June 2016. At just under a year post-surgery, Kathy had lost 80 pounds and is down from a size 18 to size 8. Now Kathy is off of her high blood pressure medication and CPAP sleep apnea machine. With the help of the team at the Sacred Heart Weight Loss Center, Kathy is living a happy and healthier life.

 Jocquilyn Stalnaker before and after.

Jocquilyn, a registered nurse, underwent gastric sleeve procedure in November 2016. Just one year later, she was part of the Sacred Heart Weight Loss Center fashion show. By the event, she was 70 pounds lighter and wearing size 8 outfits.  More importantly, her overall health continues to improve, especially weight-related aches and pain. She has better heart health and has been able to decrease the number of medications she was taking for high cholesterol.  Jocquilyn says, “You should have seen the excitement on my cardiologist’s face just a few months after my surgery!” Bariatric surgery changes your life. Jocquilyn is thankful for her husband and children who have provided constant support and encouragement during her weight loss journey. She now enjoys an active and healthy life as a nurse, Mary Kay representative, and community volunteer.

Tina Page before and after bariatric surgery.

Tina underwent a gastric sleeve surgery in August 2015. In two years following her surgery, Tina lost 124 pounds and went from a size 24 to size 12. Now she is doing many things that she could not do before such as walking up the stairs without getting winded, comfortably riding on an airplane, paddle boarding, and even running a half marathon. Tina now and active runner, does yoga and participates in a group exercise class. Best of all, you can now catch Tina happily participating in her children’s busy activities.

For more information, see the Ascension Sacred Heart factsheet, Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery and watch this video.

The Sacred Heart Weight Loss Center in Pensacola, Florida specializes in treating obesity, especially those chronic health conditions. The doctors have extensive surgical expertise with many types of bariatric procedures, including gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and revisional procedures. By creating an individualized plan for both before and after your weight loss surgery, our patients experience successful, sustainable weight loss and can begin again to live their life to the fullest. To learn more, call 850-416-7546 and visit Center For Surgical Weight Loss's website.

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