Free Weight Loss Seminars

If you have tried repeatedly to lose weight without success, learn from the experts at the Ascension St. Vincent Bariatric Center. We’ll present proven medical treatments and discuss the risks and benefits, as well as the commitment needed to achieve sustained weight loss. Bariatric surgery along with medically supervised weight loss has demonstrated the highest rate of sustainable weight loss compared to dieting or exercise alone.

Our staff invites you (and your spouse or companion) to learn about the Ascension St. Vincent bariatric care approach and the difference it can make through our seminars. Offered 5 days a week at our Bariatric Center, this information is for you to learn and ask questions.  After the seminar, you will have the option to schedule a consult with one of our bariatric surgeons to discuss your personal goals and needs.

Attend an In-Person Seminar

When you attend an in-person seminar, you not only have the opportunity to meet our bariatric care team, but you can talk with others who face the same weight loss challenges. We will explain the entire surgical process and answer your general questions in a judgement-free environment. Bariatric care team staff may be available for one-on-one questions.

Attend a weight loss seminar at Ascension.


What to Expect at an In-Person Seminar

  • Interactive presentation and Q&A session with an experienced staff member of our bariatric care team
  • Motivational tips on how to commit to meaningful weight loss
  • A warm, inclusive community focused on one goal: living a better life

Watch Our Online Seminar

If you prefer a more flexible learning experience, we welcome you to view our online seminar. This method explores all facets of the weight loss process through short videos. At the completion of this seminar, you can schedule a meeting with our care team to continue your journey.

Attend an online Ascension weight loss seminar


What To Expect from an Online Seminar:

  • Self-guided videos hosted by an experienced doctor or member of our care team
  • Information about your body's transformation during the weight loss process
  • Success stories from people who once faced the same challenges