Free Weight Loss Seminars

We know that making the decision to have weight loss surgery is a big one, and we take that seriously. Our care team believes that the best way to make the right decision is through education and partnership with the bariatric care team. The first step towards weight loss surgery is attending one of our seminars. Our bariatric program offers informative seminars to teach you the ins and outs, what to expect, how to modify your lifestyle and more.

Attend an Online Seminar

Out of concern for health and safety, we are offering online seminars to begin the educational portion of your weight loss journey. Our online Zoom seminars are hosted by one of our experienced doctors. During the seminar, we’ll explain each step of the weight loss process, what to expect, and share success stories from people who have been through our weight loss programs. After the seminar, you can schedule a meeting with our care team to talk about the next steps on your weight loss journey.

Attend a weight loss seminar at Ascension.

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