Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery

Each patient works closely with our patient navigator who will guide you through your pre-surgery requirements based on your surgeon’s recommendations and your health insurance requirements.

Preparation for surgery includes:

  • Surgeon evaluation
  • Dietician evaluation and classes
  • Medical weight management
  • Clearances from cardiac, pulmonary, diabetes and other specialties if needed
  • Behavioral evaluation: We provide individual assessments and counseling that focus on changing unhealthy thought patterns, teaching healthy coping skills and positive reinforcements, and preventing obstacles based on your past, for weight loss success. Family counseling is also available to increase social support in your weight loss journey.
  • Fitness 101 class
  • Pre- and post-op support groups

Support and Learning – Keys to Success

Support is one of the key ingredients to long-term success. Maintaining a healthy weight takes a lot of work and support. We offer a wide range of services to further assist your weight loss goals. Our bariatric support groups are led by health care professionals and are designed to give you the opportunity to spend time with others who have had or are pursuing bariatric surgery. Registration is not required. You are welcome to attend before and after surgery.